Speed dating, just faster!

With I See You, you see a live video of the person on the other side.

Talk if you like,
Swipe if you don't!

Try it now !

Forget about loneliness

Alone for too long?
Find a date in your city

New in town?
Find someone to go out with

Bored in the park?
See who else is bored in this park

Fast and simple

Select 5 criteria and press "start" (no user profile required)

Swipe until you find the one

Decide what to do next...

No cheating

With I See You, you see actual live faces, not a profile picture rom 2009 tanned at the beach!

If someone does not respect the game just press the abuse report button

Exit the app and you're out: no unsolicited contacts, no spam

Download I See You

Download I See You in 2 steps:

    Step 1: Download TestFlight on your iOS device
    Step 2: Enter your email address below

Your email address is required to register as a Beta tester. Rest assured that in its release version I See You will be completely anonymous!

I See You is in beta version

I See You is only available for iOS devices for the moment (iPhone and iPad). The Android application is on its way...

This beta version is limited to a selected number of testers so the search area and the age range are enlarged to allow for a decent number of matches.

This version is used to collect the maximum user feedbacks before going full scale, so please send us your feedback!

Next steps

Once we have collected enough feedback we plan on a full featured release on iOS and Android devices.

And then we have lots of ideas to make I See You even better:
     Text chat
     Choose your name and mood icon
     Choose a catch phrase (e.g. "new in town")
     Premium version for serial lovers!

And much more...


Use this area to send us anonymous feedback